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A Fair Data Society hackathon by:

A Fair Data Society hackahton presented by:


unstoppable WEBZ

Let's try not to f* up this time

what are we going to do about it?

From March 1-21, artists, gamers, developers, activists, crypto and non-crypto people can come together

Imagine a society where human rights are respected and your data is not used against you to influence what you think.

Join other like-minded artists, gamers, developers, activists, crypto enthusiasts, the curious, and the knowledgeable. Together, you can explore the power of art, blockchain, and games to create a fair and ethical, private, censorship-free, permissionless and unstoppable Web3. We are a force that makes the world a better, more accessible, more connected, and more enjoyable place.

This is your call to adventure.

Live event
Live event


All talks, panels and workshops will take place from March 1st to 21st, usually from 17h to 20h CET.

  • March 14th - Operator's day


    17.30 CET
    Swarm Team
    Talks + Workshop

    FLUENCE: how to set up your fluence node

    18.00 CET
    Fluence Team

    avado demo: running a swarm data node

    19.30 CET
    Avado Team


    20.00 CET
    Led by Denis Roio via Twitter Spaces
  • March 15th - Web3 demo day


    16.05 CET
    A collaborative platform for learners and educators to secure learning continuity in times of restrictions and beyond.

    by Shivam Dhawan


    16:20 CET
    Easily run Web3 applications like staking, running blockchain nodes and personal finance.

    by Bernd Lapp & Stefaan Ponnet


    16:40 CET
    E-commerce platform & real-time big data analytic engine to provides the best match of supplier, product, & customer.

    by Lei Lu & Bruce Xie


    16:55 CET
    Etherna is a transparent video platform for everyone where
    freedom of speech is incentivized, not convicted.

    by Mirko Da Corte

    kredEum - swarm press

    17:25 CET
    Bridging web2 Wordpress with web3, storing metadata produced by SwarmPress project on Swarm.

    by Kevin Boulanger


    17.40 CET
    WEB3 frontend decentralization, research results with Swarm

    by Sasha Pitkevich


    18:00 CET
    Take real boxing to the virtual world, starting with a mini-app that connects to the Fairdrive personal data store.

    by Javier Bento


    17:15 CET
    GetLoginEth is a Đapp for providing a decentralized single sign-on solution for Ethereum-based social applications.

    by Igor Shadurin

    memezzz nft

    18:25 CET
    An entertainment platform where users can store, publish and view memes that are saved in Swarm.

    by Igor Chernishov

    open social network

    18:30 CET
    OSM plans to (collaboratively) create a censorship-resistant, permissionless and decentralised social media platform.

    by Alba Tomas


    18:55 CET
    E-learning platform to train and educate eagers and professionals in blockchain technology in the MENA Region.

    by Zied Chaabane


    A platform to allow users to store their own data, giving them sovereignty to keep it and/or integrate it with other services.

    by Cody Pumper & Ameer Ahmed


    NFT streaming content via a semantic web-based multi-dimensional UX, visually linking the NFTs to relevant semantic nodes. Will there be a new ERC?

    by Petra Wilson
  • March 16th - Art in the Metaverse day

    NFTs, AI and metaverse

    18.00 CET
    Julian Palacz (artist and lecturer on surveillance and privacy in visual art), Luba Elliott (AI art curator) and Egor Kraft (Artist and researcher)
  • March 18th - Game contest day


    17.00 CET
    First step in the journey towards the dragonstone pitch-battle game show


    18.30 CET
    Tadej Fius (Resistance / Fair Data Society), Laurence Philip (Win.com), Mick (Merit Circle), Petra Wilson (Zombie Orpheus Entertainment)
March 21st - Closing event "Exit through the DAO"



A pledge for a fair internet where users control their own data, identity and destiny.

  • We are millions demanding digital freedom.

  • Freedom in a digital society requires privacy.

  • Freedom in a digital society requires data sovereignty.

  • Data sovereignty is only possible without walled gardens. Interoperability is key.

  • We cannot expect governments, corporations, or other large, faceless organisations to grant freedom to our data out of their beneficence.

  • We want to live in a fair data society, not under surveillance capitalism.

  • For this to happen, We must come together and create systems which empower individuals.

  • We must build ethical solutions which respect human rights and put the individual in full control of their identity, data and assets.

  • We are united as one swarm. Inspired by cypherpunks, aligned with #PLUR, guided by virtue and reason, we walk our talk.

  • We are like the fingers of one hand. What one does somehow affects the others and most likely we won't even know. In unity, each one is part of something greater than self.

  • We are a rhizome, our actions have a rhizomatic effect.

  • For unity to be possible, treat others as you would be like to be treated (aka golden rule). #PLUR

  • There's no peace, love or unity without respect. Start here.

  • Respect.

  • We are millions building a better Web.

  • We are millions building a free and fair future.

  • Let us proceed together apace.

  • Onward.

Who is this hackathon for


Explore life on the cutting edge of technology. Want to test yourself with unstoppable dApps or level up with true onchain NFTs?


Superpower your creations. Embrace the neverending virtual canvas and see how you can imbue your work with real value and immortality.


Own the fruits of your in-game hours. Decentralised technologies are about to make you an owner, and it’s time to show everyone your prowess.


Censorship-resistant and unplatformed content is what the future of freedom will be fought with. New powers. Take the leap.

What's in it for you?

Advanced Swarm & NFT-coding workshops

Gain the skills to leverage Swarm’s advanced storage solution to build interoperable systems. Dive deep into  NFTs and learn how to code complex NFT smart contracts.

Partner up with artists, gamers and activists

Network with other hackathon participants and create your dream team for building NFTs, games, metaverse or DAO projects.

Kickstart your new project and compete for bounties

Bring your new team together to start a one-of-a-kind project and win compelling rewards.

Go from NFT-zero to hero

Participate in in-person tutorials and workshops specially designed for non-tech audiences to build up your NFT skill arsenal.

Connect, talk, imagine

Mingle with like-minded individuals in a setting of collaboration, openness and freedom. Ruminate and look for solutions to pervasive challenges in a digital society.

Monetise your work

Maximise the impact of your work by giving it direct monetising capabilities that remain under your complete control.

Interesting talks on new gaming mechanics and economies

Captivating talks on how to create real value from time and money invested in gaming and how to retain it in the hands of the gaming community.

Gain in-depth knowledge of future trends

Grab the opportunity to talk with some of industry experts and other participants on future trends and possible solutions that plague modern gaming.

Try new products, compete and win

Try out new games competing for prizes, challenge others to a match and go on a bounty hunt.

Discover new privacy solutions

Familiarise yourself with entirely new systems built on sound cryptographic principles and how they can help people speak out without fears of repercussion.

Build new networks

Use the power of the online world to create new networks with other activists, artists, developers and others that share the values of freedom and liberty.

Launch your own permissionless publications

Use the power of decentralised storage to create unstoppable content.

Get Started Now

Learn and explore impactful new technologies

For three weeks in March, learn together through talks and workshops. Host a talk, share your wisdom.

Game mechanics and playful alliances

Expect worthless NFT drops that will hopefully make the experience priceless and soul-bound. Expect 'Resistance'. You might come for the loot, but hopefully you’ll stay for the community and shared purpose.

DAOs to spark collaboration

With you as a founding member (maybe those NFTs won’t be totally worthless after all). A DAO that supports an ethical Web3, that enables new initiatives which will build a free digital world, that predicts the future of a fair data society.

Nordic game. A call for game submission

Show everyone your game. You get more kudos if it uses decentralized technology, is permissionless and censorship-resistant.  If you plan to add decentralized components to it and don't know how and want to start a discussion, then WAM is where you wanna be.

Get Started Now


Provide an address controlled by you by signing our pledge. You will receive the NFT ticket there.

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